Wednesday, January 9

um, guys, let's all do this?!

Puppies Behind Bars is in need of volunteer puppy sitters to help us further our mission to raise successful service dogs for the disabled, guide dogs for the blind and explosive-detection dogs for law enforcement. Our dogs live in prison with carefully selected inmates who are totally responsible for their care and training. The “puppy raisers” work very hard and focus their energy on developing the dogs to their fullest potential, but they cannot do everything possible to maximize the dogs’ potential from inside prison. That is why your help is so critical.

Puppy sitters are needed to aid in the socialization of our puppies. We ask that you take a puppy on at least two socialization trips per month, or one weekend per month. Examples of things that you can do with a puppy include: going into stores and restaurants, walking on different streets, and attending events such as softball and soccer games.

i mean, seriously this is like A++ #1 best opportunity on the internet. you get to have a lab puppy for a weekend every month! let's do this, all four of you readers. i'm sure meowrson would approve, if he was not a lazy, lazy kitty.


Ross said...

My only objection with this is that I would have to "go into stores and restaurants, walk on different streets, or attend softball games and hot-air balloon conventions." These are things that I get enough of during the week thank you very much.

ally said...

they are SUGGESTIONS for things to do with puppies, not must-dos! you can also take them on the staten island ferry, to macy's, to a knicks game, etc. etc. i mean, trust me, we've ALL had enough of the hot air balloon conventions this week.