Monday, January 14

maybe with all this cheap fuel, they'll stop racially profiling brooklyn! lol!

so fresh direct is converting to running on a cleaner-burning biodiesel fuel blend. any chance that, like, with all this extra fuel, they'll, like, drive another block over from the fancy condos they're willing to deliver to in east w'burg, bed-stuy, bushwick, et al and deliver to, like, everyone in those zipcodes? or even just like an entire block instead of single, hand-picked, lily-white buildings? cos, like, it won't kill the environment, now!


hey fresh direct: everyone in my goddamned building is a white suburbanite transplant but me, alex, and a black guy with dreads. not every white person is stupid enough to buy a condo in shitsville, and not every minority is too poor and too stupid to use the internet. i mean, wtf? even if you do ever decide that my block is worth your time, i'm going to stick with amazon's grocery service (free shipping!) and the foodtown, i think.

now bring me some of your pot, i need to calm down.

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