Monday, January 21

going to the super bowl? eli manning is!

Brett favre, originally uploaded by senator dingdong.

dear brett favre,

thank you for making up for the atrocious phantom game calling on the part of the refs, who i can only assume were relatives of yours due to the way that they were doing anything possible to give this game to you, by throwing a pass directly into the hands of corey webster (who, you might not have noticed, was wearing a white jersey and not a green one--i've always assumed you were never aware which jersey YOU were wearing, though).

you are very lucky indeed you had driver making inexplicable cirque du soleil catches every once and a while, otherwise your ass would've been shut out.

please just fucking retire already. or don't! i mean, i don't want to see the packers in a super bowl again, particularly.

everyone in ny

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