Wednesday, April 29

facebook is compassionate

maybe i took it too far by becoming a fan of the swine flu myself, but at least i'm not clicking "like" next to its updates, you know what i mean?

Tuesday, April 28

yo dudes help us make a book

because books are where shit is at.

also: if we get all this shit together, which photo should i submit? pick one and leave a link in the comments.

one of you knows what happened, and one of you needs to own up

who is the mystery person who got screamed at during karaoke? this is now the second reference to someone doing this to me and it's not true and i am now on a crusade to find the doppleganger. i'm starting to consider the possibility that the person who was yelled at was my sister.

Friday, April 24

i wonder what the minnesota spokesman-recorder's take on this is?

pretty sure polamalu has already been fined for this blatant helmet-to-helmet btw.