Friday, November 30

lol why not

whatevs. i'm home sick. vote 4 me or against me or whatever.

Thursday, November 29

lil' reche

Pedro, originally uploaded by emilyplum.

Wednesday, November 21


Cow Something, originally uploaded by rllayman.

Monday, November 19

do your parents know you are doing this, honey?

Photo 310.jpg, originally uploaded by totallyluvzbois.

i don't think you need any more of that

Ummm..., originally uploaded by leinerk.


Sarah and Serpent, originally uploaded by Bazangi.



DSCN0001, originally uploaded by Cehunter1.


10/11/07晚上釣, originally uploaded by ken6362421.


046, originally uploaded by meghan_grogan.


best photos ever

DSC00372, originally uploaded by geadif.

Sunday, November 18

last known photo

DSC_0250, originally uploaded by 啾愛布布.

Wednesday, November 14


017, originally uploaded by enjoybeing.

this randomly just popped up in "everyone's photos" so enjoy more of the boss, kids.

Tuesday, November 13

fyi most awesomest concert ever

i've been in love with bruce springsteen for 23 years* so finally seeing him live** was like woaaaah orgasms time (still. so. HOT.***) even if we were in the very, very top row of the verizon center. and like 80,000 mostly middle-aged people all singing thunder road at top volume is fuckin rad, bros.

* hence my whole ass "thing".

** i was supposed to see springsteen one (1) previous time but...something happened involving a boy. so the person i was meeting (who had my ticket) went in without me and i couldn't get him on the phone to come back out and give me my ticket. this was really a heartbreaking experience and everyone should probably cry a little tonight over this.

*** srsly isn't he like 80 years old now?? sign me up for his classes on how to keep ass bangin' plz.


pers3224551465, originally uploaded by Timmy Timer.

Monday, November 12

it's ally, bitch!

and i'm kinda on hiatus! moving this week PLUS GOING TO THE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND CONCERT TONIGHT so my time is limited and my internet in nyc is a mystery.jpg right now. K.I.T! see you in september! or, like, tomorrow cos i'm sure i'll get distracted.

denim demons

whoa here she comes, watch out boys, she'll chew you up

Sunday, November 11

"i have herpes." "and i don't!"

Both 02, originally uploaded by PaparazziDL.


8, originally uploaded by vinhnha.

world war chef

CIMG6587, originally uploaded by Sang Schneck.

suity: a little uncomfortable y/n

IMG_0303, originally uploaded by L Style G Style.


Halloween street fair 07 (76), originally uploaded by rjboss.

wind tunnel dog

IMG_4284.JPG, originally uploaded by nxsus6.

you know, either way, it's all good

For Right or Wrong?, originally uploaded by dantsai.

Friday, November 9

will someone just give owen wilson back his drugs?

-- from Monstrously Normal - (?)

the new white stripes album looks terrible

-- from los lavaplatos - (?)

outtake from the final sequence of the when dove cry video

Photo 211.jpg, originally uploaded by what you know.



this is my last post ever

dogface, originally uploaded by Nad.

because i went blind trying to comprehend this

this is completely nsfw, so i'm going to link it instead of putting the picture up directly

but seriously what the FUCK?
worst blowjob ever

special nsfw bonus:
my dick is bigger than that and i'm a girl. why are you taking nudies of yourself?!

(update: apparently the original links to the photo pages--and not the jpgs themselves--didn't work unless you were a member of the LOWBROW pool that i stole them from, because they had marked the photos as private. don't fucking upload your awful comedy porn to a public group and then privatize your pictures, idiots. i hate linking directly to the jpg because you get no page hits from it, but seriously you rape my eyeballs with "private" pictures, i rape your stats.)

liz kucinich wears some weird shit sometimes

35667639_0e53e4ecd6, originally uploaded by Matery2007.

then the katamari rolled them all up and they became a dogstar

the king of all cosmos was very proud that day indeed.

leopard caesar and private bangjamin are friends!

CakeMascarade2007_121.jpg, originally uploaded by Club CAKE.

fake nudist camp

IMG_6760, originally uploaded by meich..

excuse me

1922451498_1955a946dc, originally uploaded by ladywicked38.

but wtf r u kids doin

wanted: this dog

IMG_1346, originally uploaded by bjd17bb.

how to steal from sock man?

then they came for reno 911...

IMG00089.jpg, originally uploaded by jaboud.

...and i'm like, ok, this strike can go on as long as it likes, in that case.

nice snake

Halloween 2007-028, originally uploaded by cjcoltz.

Thursday, November 8

remind me not to order for delivery from el pollo loco

DSC_0767_edit, originally uploaded by greenwoodimages.

yr doin it wrong

Bud Light is Heavenly, originally uploaded by jesussavez.

how to ruin a hot lady

Green Hoody, originally uploaded by lowfreq.

take a picture of her, if you're this photographer

emo vader

, originally uploaded by maneeacc.

is the daily assignment on strobist "take a picture of the most retarded thing you can think of" or something?

Look a like headshot, originally uploaded by MikaelP.

prom night

Lola and me, color, originally uploaded by Daily Mik.


St. Moses the Black, originally uploaded by joshuacraig.


IMG_4067rz.jpg, originally uploaded by HappyCat's Photos.

the latest from international male

cotti, originally uploaded by dalinian2000.


DOW-Argentina (7), originally uploaded by FotoCharlas.

nice composition, jackass

i would like for this to have not been photographed

and this is why details should've been banned of the newsstands many years ago

Max and Paulo, originally uploaded by lowfreq.

finally, on the 160th strobist group page, a picture i agree with

Kissin' My Ass, originally uploaded by mortonphotographic.

this photo makes me v v v happy

hot ladies go a long way...

Workout girl, originally uploaded by gregclarke.

...but they don't ACTUALLY hide the fact that you're a bad photographer.


shane-80, originally uploaded by SL RYAN.

white guys: stop raping my eyes.