Thursday, November 8

remind me not to order for delivery from el pollo loco

DSC_0767_edit, originally uploaded by greenwoodimages.


the schef (adam schefter haha) said...

so is this what you do instead of ilx now? im enjoying it.

this pic reminds me of when a few years ago me and some friends were riding bikes to coney island and dan totally wtf broke for a pigeon and went over his handle bars and fucked up his shoulder and we had to take him to the hospital then a few weeks later it was his birthday and we tried to hire a guy in a pigeon costume but all we could get was a chicken guy so we sent him to dans work to surprise him and tell him he was a pigeon not a chicken. he looked just like that but more mangy - it was pretty good.

btw dont sleep on the flower power box set as presented by peter fonda - shit is fire! i listened to hot time summer in the city like 10x in a row the other day.

ally said...

thank you for the tip on the peter fonda thing--i saw that ad and was amazed by it. i already have the air supply soft rock compilation, which is pretty much solid gold. i'm considering the idea of ONLY purchasing time-life collections from this point forward.

also: how much does hiring a chicken man cost? just out of, uh, curiousity.

the schef (adam schefter haha) said...

i think we used this one and it was like $100.

flower power was the last ever thing i got from oink ;_; rip