Tuesday, November 13

fyi most awesomest concert ever

i've been in love with bruce springsteen for 23 years* so finally seeing him live** was like woaaaah orgasms time (still. so. HOT.***) even if we were in the very, very top row of the verizon center. and like 80,000 mostly middle-aged people all singing thunder road at top volume is fuckin rad, bros.

* hence my whole ass "thing".

** i was supposed to see springsteen one (1) previous time but...something happened involving a boy. so the person i was meeting (who had my ticket) went in without me and i couldn't get him on the phone to come back out and give me my ticket. this was really a heartbreaking experience and everyone should probably cry a little tonight over this.

*** srsly isn't he like 80 years old now?? sign me up for his classes on how to keep ass bangin' plz.

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