Thursday, January 17

the smartest green bay packers fan

Packer, originally uploaded by cdw9.

wtf is this fresh hell? you're going to gain a competitive edge over manning by not showing a rerun of his supposedly favorite show? the fuck? a) UH. b) dvds not made it yet to this green bay you speak of, eh? c) everyone knows eli's favorite show is ninja warrior anyways.

i voted for the idiotic fox affiliate to inflict the emmit smith "good feet" special or whatever that is, but of course they're going to show some retarded bullshit about vince lombardi instead, because GOING ON AND ON AND ON ENDLESSLY ABOUT SHIT THAT HAPPENED 50 YEARS AGO INVOLVING PEOPLE WHO ARE ALL--EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM BASICALLY--DEAD REALLY IS AWESOME.

if the patriots go undefeated this year, i will actually cosign on renaming the trophy the randy moss tom brady bill belichick manlove magic trophy award or whatever people in boston want everything to be called, if just to spite green bay.

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