Friday, January 11

clear your calendars on the 26th! a day of adorable dog-fighting awaits!

meowrson welles says: dog-fighting is a much maligned sport that has been in the news quite a bit throughout 2007, it's true. but here's a version of dog-fighting that we can all get behind: the 2nd annual superdog bowl! it's being held saturday, january 26th at 3pm, at the animal haven in soho, and pits last year's winners, the boston terriers, against schnauzers. you can bring your dog and dress it up in your favorite team's jersey, and enjoy complimentary snacks. and also you will watch something that makes utterly no sense but will be very, very adorable. sign up soon! there is only room for 22 more people at press time. no mentions in the press release as to whether you actually need to have a dog to participate but really, what the fuck kind of world is this if you can't just go watch tiny dogs in football jerseys carrying little football-shaped doggy biscuits jump on each other for an hour or two.

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rgin said...

this is the gayest thing ever, meowrson welles and you know it.