Monday, January 28

this is a new thing in which i blog some old photo of mine and tell you a story about it

tattoos, originally uploaded by allyzay.

this is a true fact: despite the fact that i do not have blonde hair, i do not do karaoke, do not have these tattoos, in no way actually resemble emily gould, and would probably find it difficult to self-portrait myself from this angle, my mom thought this was a photo of me.

another true fact: i met a man at this bar who was exceedingly, exceedingly rude to me and my sister. not to get into details but it took me quite aback and i've lived in ny forever so it's not like i'm a stranger to seeing rudeness. i only just realized a few weeks ago that i have met this same mystery jerkoff, several times since, and gotten along with him very well and that he was, indeed, the random person who was a tremendous asshole to me at this karaoke bar. small world!

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