Thursday, January 17

pies 'n' thighs update!

it doesn't exist anymore!

food was delicious, though they kept running out of mac 'n' cheese (thanks to RICHARD GIN who seemed to consistently get the very last mac 'n' cheese all three times he went up for food), which was a big bummer because basically i just wanted a big pile of mac 'n' cheese. the other disappointment was that they refused to serve food prior to 8pm, which meant our group that got there at 6 got fucked a little on the line, even though we were the first people who showed up basically. oh well. tiny chicken biscuits! so cute. oh, also we couldn't smoke inside until 10, despite the fact that they've never had a rule about this before. i'm basically shaking my fist at the ny times and at williamsboard (seriously? the guido couple who pretty obviously came in from long island for this and had never been there before and seemed mystified by so much and then disappeared? really? also seriously? the group of girls who were asking each other, "will they give me more than one beer with only one ID?" like, we were at rockstar, you could be a 4 year old and not get carded there--i have the photo to prove it). i'll post photos later. it was fun! sorry not all of you could be there.

also rip fun times at rockstar bar, because hell if i'm going to go to rockstar very often (lol like i went all the time before? shit is far from the marcy stop, bros) if they ain't got food.

neither meowrson or derrick showed up so they won't be posting about this. too busy sucking on ding-dongs scoutin' out other locations and things to do. so don't gchat me and ask me to put up their thoughts on this matter.