Tuesday, January 29

i should've went to arizona this week and stayed with my sister or something

media day sounds like it is going amazingly and i'm laughing at virtually every update put on espn. highlights:

1. michael strahan is asked to name his favorite gap-toothed person. after considering letterman, madonna, and lauren hutton, he chooses spongebob squarepants.
2. some loony tv reporter showed up in a wedding gown and announced that she was "mrs. brady," to which tom brady replied, "i have many mrs. bradys in my life." he then immediately corrected himself and claimed to be a one-woman guy. smooth, tommy, very smooth.
3. eli is asked his general opinion of his big brother: "He's become a pretty good actor." zing!
4. apparently plaxico burress's idea of a practical joke is to put grapes in eli manning's shoes? this is the worst prank i've ever heard of. is he going to give eli a big mac instead of a whopper, as well?
5. bill belichick's favorite movie is GONE WITH THE WIND.
6. if a film was to be made of this super bowl, michael strahan would like it if tobey maguire played eli, and brad pitt played brady. no, i have no idea why anyone on earth would ask strahan this question either.
7. ELI MAKES A NAMATHY BOLD PREDICTION! ...that wales will beat england in this weekend's rugby match? what the hell? is eli going to give the reporters a big mac instead of a whopper?
8. randy moss and tom brady also got the "super bowl movie" question that was so popular today. their picks to play themselves? denzel washington and tom hanks. denzel is playing brady in their scenario, by the way.

the giants overall seem to be getting much funnier questions than the pats did. disturbing fact that i do not want to put in the "awesome" countdown because it is definitively unawesome: belichick showed up sans famed hoodie but wearing sandals. so, so, so gross.

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rgin said...

i suspect bullychick cried like dick vermeil when the sun goes down.