Monday, January 28


new england patriots fans, originally uploaded by bearklektor.

(i apologize in advance to the people in this picture, who might be very nice people and all that--you were the most ridiculous looking pats fans i could find.)

this is basically the stupidest thing i've ever read about sports, and i've read the comments on deadspin. apparently, "studies" prove that patriots fans are classier than giants fans. by "studies" i mean "some lady's arbitrary reading of nielsen market data," but that seems to count for bostonites! any victory over a clearly superior city, i guess.

my favorite part is the following passage, meant to prove boston's good taste and class:

We drink Amstel Light [. . .] Giants fans slug back lots of whiskey.

AMSTEL LIGHT? first of all: boston, hello, you have an actual good brand of beer made right in your own backyard. you can't pick up a sam seasonal or even a sam light? talk about doing yourself a really inexplicable disservice. secondly, i'm supposed to read with a straight face that it is classier to drink AMSTEL LIGHT instead of, like, say, sazarac?

she then goes on to state that while bostonites read wine spectator, giants fans like...pretzels. not pretzel spectator, mind you. the actual food, pretzels. are people in boston eating their magazines? that's the only way this is even a comparison.

really though, when it comes down to it, the best statistic is this one:
When Pats revelers aren’t watching football, they’re hitting the slopes skiing or going for a sail. They’re also more likely to belong to country clubs.

proven by "science": PATS FANS ARE ALL WHITE PEOPLE!.

she later posted a follow up, i guess when she realized she was offending EVERYONE ON EARTH EVEN PATS FANS, to prove her rantings. it only makes the drinking issue even more clouded, though: the fuller version of the stats reveal that giants fans also prefer anchor steam to chase their whiskey with!

the full stats also admit that giants fans are actually probably richer than pats fans overall, in direct contrast with her claim, but that doesn't actually seem to be phasing her at all. why? because she is incredibly retarded.

i can't tell you how much pain it causes me that something this idiotic about sports was written by a female, as an aside. shut the fuck up and stop doing a disservice to me and my kind, you dumb southie whore.

where the hell are editors these days? this shit is like sub-blog material.

UPDATE: msnbc is now getting in on piling on boston for this?? wau!! i just feel sorry for everyone i know from boston who is being slandered with this amstel light thing, really.

UPDATE #2: hi williamsboard!


bearklektor said...

Actually the two people in the photo are very nice. It is my son and his uncle (my brother) My son is autistic and a huge Pats fan. My brother being the good uncle he is bought tickets for my son's first pat's game Nov 2007 and willingly got his face painted too. I am a face and body painter so it was exciting for my son and practice for me. My brother is not a pats fan but was being a good sport for his nephew. by the way as ridiculous as they look everyone took their photo at the game....and thanks for using my photo!

ally said...

that is a very nice story! i'm glad to hear this, and i hope they had a good time at the game.