Thursday, January 3

so i think i have seasonal affective disorder

Sad Cat, originally uploaded by Leen Ryan.

i was basically unfamiliar with the disorder until today (i had heard of it before, i don't live underground with the mole people or something*). i don't want to get into the tmi here (why because it is not intersting), but it just seems to make the fact that i've started a grand total of TWO relationships (of any kind) in jan/feb while have ended (in some way or another) every single one of them during those months, for example, make a little more sense. as well as the whole irrationally agreeing to marry no less than three separate ppl** during summer months thing...

i know this basically is true of everyone (why because of sunlight), but wtf do you do for this? i mean everything i am reading is recommending basically flashing myself with flashlights...! which is reminiscent of some kind of therapy from a twilight zone episode, frankly. i think my current solutions to the winter blues are...incondusive to productive living and very contributory towards the problem since i just don't get out of the house at all until nightfall on weekends anymore, so i guess any suggestion will do.

* dear richard: no $blogger comments, you dick.
** n.b.: i have not been married three times.

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