Tuesday, January 8


i'm riding the train home and i'm standing next to a guy yelling so loudly into his cell phone that he's drowning out the stones (btw, dude, this is a party foul). so of course i start listening in. he's going on with a lady friend, it seems, saying "i never said i had an attitude. i said i'm sorry if you thought i was having an attitude." this goes on a bit and it seems to calm down. thank god! then he's obviously been asked the question, "where are you? why are you not at home?" he explains, "i told you! i have to go to the bronx! my mom needs me to pick up her meds."

this is all very sweet and honorable of him until you realize we were standing on the j train crossing the williamsburg bridge.

awesome? what would he have done if the conversation hadn't ended before the train stopped and the conductor announced we were at marcy?

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