Thursday, April 24

you know, some ppl's moms bake cookies and watch the view

LYDIA to me
11:31 AM (38 minutes ago)

Ally to LYDIA
11:32 AM (38 minutes ago)
hahaha why do you send me these stories every time they pop up :D

LYDIA to me
11:33 AM (38 minutes ago)
To continually enforce how ridiculous and primitive men can be.

Ally to LYDIA
11:35 AM (37 minutes ago)
I don't know if I need to know that one of them thinks his penis was stolen (still don't get this, btw, wouldn't you KNOW it was still there) to know that men are ridiculous! You might be familiar with my track record!

LYDIA to me
11:42 AM (31 minutes ago)
I spit in Bono's and Oprah's faces. [ed. note: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS EITHER OK DON'T ASK] Men who think this should just become extinct. "She stole my penis" give me a break! Can you imagine men saying that in this country? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Ally to LYDIA
12:15 PM
Honestly? Yes, yes I can imagine men saying that in this country, I am genuinely surprised I haven't been accused of doing such by certain ppl actually!

LYDIA to me
12:16 PM
I think they'd call you something that rhymes with witch though :D

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Hereward said...

Glitch? Shoreditch?