Wednesday, April 30

"the NFL is just as much pressure"

campbell and his classmates

a thought i had reading the ny times' piece on an army football player, caleb campbell (is he a mormon? this is the mormonyist name ever! that isn't the thought), who is being released from active duty to join the nfl: wouldn't it be better press and pr for your recruitment campaigns to, like, stop sending the poor kids you're trying to reach by specifically targeting high school athletes praying for scholarships over to iraq to die? this seems to be common sense to me, and a little less of a poor kid/rich kid controversial matter! i guess that's why i'm not the secretary of the navy.

i do absolutely adore how many circles this kid talks to make it not sound like he's a complete douchebag who lucked out though, particularly his claim that the NFL is "just as much pressure" as iraq and afghanistan. i'd buy this if he was going to play for a good team, like even the bears, but he's been drafted by the lions. the only way he's not getting cut is if he somehow loses his limbs. all of them. and even then, i think it's only a 50/50 chance he'll get cut.

he shouldn't bother to be making it sound like he's doing his part and is just the same as every one of his classmates. first of all, ha ha, lol! they're not sending your white officer friends from the fancy school to the middle east to die! that's what defense language institute is for! there are a lot of options to avoid killing these kids, c'mon. don't feel too bad, caleb! also, would any one of us reading this article not make the same choice he's making? "oh, please, no, thank you mr. goodell, thank you but i'd rather toil in the desert getting shot at by the angries instead of become a famous professional athlete!" honestly, just man up and be frank about your decision to not get killed. that'd be the best help you could give the kids you're pretending you're going to recruit.

campbell today

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Hereward said...

Wait, I thought Detroit was as dangerous as Iraq, though.