Friday, April 4

so i need to ask again, whatever happened to that subscription to cosmo my grandma bought me?

cosmo readers mocked up their own cosmo covers and submitted them for ridicule on the public internets back in 2007. best headlines:

the 'make him squirt' one above
'the cowgirl way...on a horse'
'feel sexy INTENSELY...could your man be gay?' (this one is mad wtf)
'flares: going on 5 years! how did they DO it?'
'does being slim mean everything?'
'stop Pro-castinating' (that is exactly how it is written)
'16 erotic make-up tips!'

i mean, i would buy a magazine with those articles on the cover, for real.

tip: if you want to see more, just add -4 etc to the url, the pages don't link to one another but there's totes a bunch of them.

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