Thursday, April 17

what we have here is a failure to communicate

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY – April 17, 2008 – FreshDirect, one of the nation’s leading online gourmet grocers and prepared food purveyors, announced today its plans to heed growing customer demand and expand its delivery services to reach the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bedford Stuyvesant (“Bed Stuy”), Crown Heights, Red Hook and more. The new delivery areas are now open for delivery service, giving residents a whole new way to shop for the best in fresh produce, competitively priced groceries, and mouthwatering prepared food.

when i go to the website and enter 11233 (my zip code, in bed-stuy), i am informed that delivery service is not available in my neighborhood. i looked at their available zones list and it really hasn't changed much; there's about 4-5 new zips, each of which are asterisked, to indicate that they only deliver to "part" of that zipcode.

so, um, ok. i guess being willing to venture a block into each of these dirty, filthy ghettos is worth a major press release these days. "LONG ISLAND CITY, NY - April 17, 2008 - we're slowly overcoming our fears of the blacks!"

(i wonder if this is how reaghan roper and kristy rivera of mmw group hoped i'd use their press release? keep me updated, ladies! maybe by the time i've moved to a nicer neighborhood, away from my godawful stereotype of a next-door neighbor family, you'll be within twenty blocks of the place. of course, i won't need your service then, since i will live in a neighborhood that has a reasonable grocery store, but you know, i like to know things and all that.)

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