Thursday, April 3

it's april 3rd, so i am assuming this isn't a prank

um, the new kids on the block are reuniting? also, they have a website? that actually alarms me a little more because i see no reason as to why that website would exist since everyone knows the internet was invented in 1997, many years after the new kids stopped existing. though clicking on the website reveals that jonathan knight is looking pretty hot and poor-man's-paul-rudd-y these days! anyway, i guess they're going to be on the today show on friday so i better call in sick! OR NOT because what the fuck? i actually heard a new kids song--for the first time since i was maybe 12--in a n upscale diner the other day. first of all, why were they playing this? secondly, it was so terrible. i mean, honest to god, i can hear a tiffany single or a debbie gibson single now and be like, yeah, i know why i liked that song! "i think we're alone now" is totes awesome! but there wasn't a single redeeming feature to this song and i was just like, really? people compared awesome bands like the backstreet boys to this band? jesus! this is the song in question, if you really want to hit the '90s:

(the video is AMAZINGLY bad; it makes the video for "she's like the wind" look like "sensual seduction" level of art)

another thing is, didn't donnie wahlberg become a serious actor? why is he embarrassing himself all over again? it took a while to get rid of the stain!

i hope they're going to tour with martika and marky mark! that would be so rad! oh my god! p.s. i still own both of marky mark's albums, which i have never listened to but they cost $0.99 each so whatevs. my favorite is the one where he and his posse are posing like badasses in front of a saab.

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