Friday, April 25

older black gentleman on the a, 9:15 this morning - w4m - 27 (Brooklyn)

i found it very flattering that you spent the entire time between broadway junction and hoyt-schermerhorn openly masturbating while staring aggressively at me. it might've just been because i was the only white girl on the train that i got this attention but i think we had something special! the piratey looking guy who seemed to get whiplash when he saw me and was openly leaning over to try to look up my skirt had nothing on your game, at any rate! i'm glad you've already revealed your inner self to me so soon in our relationship. though usually when guys reveal their inner self to me so early, it's a little more impressive.

i regret not saying anything to you now! if you see this, we should get coffee. i'll also accept the piratey looking dude (they're blue and have a cartoon lion on the ass, in case you were doing a sociological study on ladies' underpants).

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Hereward said...

I don't know how you took all this, but this post put me in a jolly mood of bonhomie. Ah, public transit, without you life would be a long slog of tedium.

(Yesterday on the bus, an otherwise anodyne young maiden with a generously and handsomely propotioned ass, standing in front of me got serially checked out by a black guy who made a point of being very ostentatious about it, as if to indicate, you know, 'I am a true connoisseur of ass and you, Miss, have a very fine specimen indeed.)