Thursday, April 24

kids incorporated

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ok, in theory i'm ok with take your child to work day, i suppose. well, except that they don't actually spend the day sitting with you and learning what you do and getting a positive outlook towards a realistic view of the workplace. workplaces hire clowns and face painters and bands and throw pizza parties and give everyone soda pop on this very special day. which, surprisingly, is not actually how tony is the rest of the week.

what irks me is that people who bring their children in with them also do utterly no work. the rest of us have to sit here and do our jobs and can hear them, loudly playing with their children and having a pizza party (to which we're not invited, since we were smart enough to not get fucking knocked up). why bother going to work? what the hell is so wrong with any workplace in america just turning around and having a stay home and play with your kids or your boyfriend or whoever you damn well please day?

it's not a fucking day care. it's an office. at the very least, allow those of us who don't have children to opt out of this day. parents already get all manner of ridiculous perks the rest of us don't receive. your kid is sick? oh, hurry home. i'm sick? well, at science, despite having a full week of sick time left, my asshole boss (who was new to the job, to boot), i was informed that i was not to take off any additional time because i had taken "too much" (again i stress that i had a week of time left).

he took off regularly at 3pm to take his kids to various fun places, btw.

maybe i'm going to just go downstairs and steal some pizza, except i've put myself on a diet so maybe i'll just go outside for hours.

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Hereward said...

What DO day care workers and school teachers do for take your children to work day?