Tuesday, April 22

why does everyone try to anger me

the thing i understand least about this padded underpants website i got forwarded just now by my hilarious friends is why they come in any size but small (or "sweet" in their insane parlance). i mean, i gotta say, the last thing i'm thinking about when i'm sadly perusing the american apparel racks for any sign of medium or large underpants instead of their ubiquitous small ones is, "boy, i wish my ass was bigger!"

also their website looks like what i imagine is inside of julia allison's mind.

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ally said...

i'm just putting this in my own comments as to not ruin my obviously awesome post with serious information. i know why they make these in sizes larger than small, which is, despite their website's obvious pandering to anorexic college white women, the majority of people who are going to buy this product are people who are not necessarily flat assed, and come from cultures/neighborhoods/whatevers that really prize the backside. which makes their blondie blonde marketing actually even grosser!

america basically never ceases to disgust me, but at least these are not the actual butt implants?