Monday, April 21

i didn't come here to fight, just as long as that ain't white

seriously? this is the lead op-ed in my daily "today's headlines" e-mail! nothing else worth talking about in the world than the fact that this dude doesn't like the way wine glasses are overfilled? don't get me wrong. i agree with this bro. if you order a bottle of wine, they should not be filling the damn thing to the brim (if you're ordering by the glass, it's a different story, but that's because i'm an alcholic pretending to be a connoisseur). you're paying way, way, way more than the wine would cost anywhere else and you have a right to enjoy it in the proper fashion. the american wine industry and its rush to put any old crap out on the market has done intense harm to the wine industry! most california wines are terrible! i'll only drink the most expensive of the vineyards out there, if given a choice, and i have a friend who lives in san francisco yet will not touch a napa valley offering. this opinion piece, despite being the most obnoxiously written thing i've read all day (and i read that thing about the pope and the cat ladies), is 100% on the money.

but honestly.

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Hereward said...

You know, like so many self-proclaimed elitists in America, he makes two very common mistakes. First, he wants it both ways. He wants his 'elitist' opinions and he wants to be liked. Fuck being liked, it's a losing game. The other thing is that he's dishonest or at least disingenuous. Just like the stuff that you like and quit apologizing for it. If people can't take it, what the fuck do you care?

The difference between a snob and an enthusiast is usually not only real knowledge, but attitude. Liking 'fine wine' or France or whatnot doesn't make anybody better or worse. If someone evinced a preference for cool jazz over bop, or tea over coffee, or latex fetishism over bondage, or Go knows what, others might disagree with their choice but they wouldn't think 'you're-trying-to-pretend-you're-better-than-us', but if you want to sit in peace and enjoy a nice glass of Château de Mesdeux - Derrière les chiottes, you're an insufferable snob. Unfortunately, so many of them are.