Wednesday, April 2

discussion of the day, #2

is it just because where i live sucks, and i am blinded by this, or is staten island actually ok? st. george seems like it'd be fun! they have enormous places to live for not very much money! the ferry terminal is full of tropical fish! the mta is spending $500 million to redo the south ferry terminal to appease these mysterious staten islandites (lol 2nd ave subway sux 2 b u).

it is a mystery...or is it? does anyone really know anything about staten island? all i know of these people is that they find meowrson welles ridiculous.

i am thinking, that once i get back from martha's vineyard, we should organize a group outing to staten island, to find out what is going on there.

(this is apparently a girl from staten island, she is #3 gis result for "staten island")

UPDATE: there's a trailer park there! by the bridge, not by the fish ferry, but still!


Ross said...

I know it's early and maybe your anti-psychotic pills haven't kicked in yet, but I just don't think that you've really thought this through yet. Moving to a trailer park on Staten Island is most likely not a good idea. In fact, if you built a machine to detect bad ideas, "moving to a trailer park on Staten Island" is what you would use to calibrate the thing.

ally said...

no, no, no, i wouldn't move to a trailer park, it was just another mysterious find about staten island! unrelated: i declare you today's sassiest boy in america!