Thursday, April 3

a GIRL dilemma

i am kind of into this dress:

however--and i tell you, i said to alex, "i don't like that pattern," when i first saw this dress in the old navy coupon mailer--i don't like that pattern. i mean, click thru to the link and look at the large detail of it. it looks like a not-abstract-enough wall of vagina. is it just me? not all of the pattern but...enough of it.

i fear that i'd wear that dress, get drunk, and start announcing to everyone, "behold the vagina dress!" and then laugh way more than that is worth laughing at, and be embarrassed at 5pm the next day, when i awake.


Ross said...

Yes but you would be able to calm the sea and "prevent evil from occurring." In style!

Hereward said...

Listen, if your bacchanale leads to you sleeping in till 5 PM the next day, what do you care what you said the night before, or what you were wearing, for that matter?

I can just see it turning ugly, though:

"Shtay 'way from the v'gina dress! Y'all a buncha dicks!"