Friday, April 18

anal cunt are ultimate bros

new album tracklisting supposedly, i have bolded the important song

01. Buy This CD So I Can Pay My Medical Bills
02. You're Not Crust, You're Just A Dirty Spic
03. Miscarriages Are God's Way of Telling You That You're A Failure
04. Theme From Charles In Charge
05. You Go To A Community College
06. If You Didn't Want To Be Raped, You Shouldn't Have Been Born A Woman
07. I Laughed Because Your Son Is In A Wheelchair
08. I Went Back In Time And Voted For George W. Bush
09. You Have A Goatee
10. Cutting In Front of God Forbid In The Welfare Line
11. The Pedophile Wasn't The Biggest Fag In Decrepit Birth
12. Stealing Shawn Whitaker's Coke
13. You're A School Crossing Guard
14. You Read Conspiracy Theories On The Internet Because You Have No Life
15. Even We Have Better Customer Service Than Neurotic Records
16. You Look Like You Get Financial Aid
17. Earth Crisis Are Only Straight Edge Because You Can't Suck Cock And Do Coke At The Same Time
18. I Told You I Put You On The Guest List, But I Lied
19. You Look Pro-Life
20. This CD Installed Spyware On Your Computer
21. I Posted A Video of Me Running Over Your Dog On YouTube
22. You Collect Food Stamps
23. I Edited Your Band's Wikipedia Page To Say That You're All Gay
24. 18-1
25. I Hit Your Wife For You Because You Were Too Much of A Pussy To Put Her In Her Place
26. The Kitchen: Get In It
27. You Look Like You Take Public Transportation
28. I Had Your Grandmother Deported Because You Parked In My Driveway
29. Your Husband Is A Garbage Man
30. I Didn't Accept Your Friend Request On MySpace Because You're A Jew
31. God Hates Fags
32. Mandatory Abortions For Scene Kids
33. Laughing While I Cross Your Picket Line
34. You Have A Xanga
35. You Drive A Bus
36. Anyone Who Votes For Hilary Clinton Is A Faggot
37. I Hacked Your Facebook And Sent Your Nudes To Everyone In Your Class
38. Decapitated Should've Flipped Their Van Before They Recorded Organic Hallucinosis
39. I Put Up The Bail Money For The Guy Who Raped You So That He Could Rape You Again
40. I Hit You Because I Love You
41. You Joined The National Guard, But You Were Sent To Iraq
42. Tipping Off The Authorities About OiNK
43. Impetigo Reunited? Yeah, No One Cared
44. Physical Therapy To Learn How To Walk Again Is Gay
45. Job For A Talentless Faggot
46. No One Listens To Anal Blast
47. I Jerked Off To Your Baby Pictures
48. Punching The Ugly Cunt From Arch Enemy In The Face Backstage
49. You Watch The View To Reinforce Your Own Stupid Opinions
50. You're Only A Promoter So Your Shitty Band Can Get On Shows
51. Willowtip Is Afraid To Sign Us
52. Picnic of Love Was Sarcastic, I Really Think You're A Worthless Cunt
53. Roseanne Barr
54. I'm Voting For John McCain Because He Doesn't Like Gooks
55. Look Back And Laugh At Sexist Jokes
56. I Was Going To Do An Interview For Lambgoat, But They Tried To Grab My Dick
57. You Look Like You Get Paid Minimum Wage
58. If I Cared About An At The Gates Reunion, I'd Be A Faggot
59. Even Though I Agree With The Majority of Your Political Stances, You're Still A Fucking Nigger
60. I Bought Schindler's List On Blu-Ray So I Could Watch The Jews Be Tortured In High Definition
61. I Came Inside Your Wife 10 Minutes Before You Went Down On Her
62. I Know Your Band Sucks Because You Signed To Ferret
63. You Wear A Youth Medium, Even Though You're A Large
64. Your Girlfriend Listens To Devourment Because She's Fat And Realizes She's Ugly
65. You're Tighter Than Your Daughter
66. Woman Is The Nigger of the World (bonus cover)


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