Saturday, April 19

"i still don't know what [the phrase 'tenth avenue freeze-out'] means! but it's important!"

it's apparently e street band night on vh1 classics! i'll be up 'til 6. GOOD THING I STAYED HOME SO I COULD GET SOME REST!

UPDATE: what i have learned: stevie apparently showed up three times during the 47 years it took to record born to run, to tell them they're doin it wrong. also: why did they ditch the hat thing?

UPDATE 2: what i have further learned: it ended. they segued from "born to run" to metal hour, which started with RUN TO THE HILLS BY IRON MAIDEN. the theory is, i'm angry whenever anyone turns off sprinsgsteen. but...this case? ok, most awesome thing you could've done beside play more springsteen. then i discovered "jackass" is on, so it is like a cacophony of men i inexplicably would leave anyone, ever, including george clooney, for. the only way things could get more vagina-wetting (oh, is that too jezebel?) is if al pacino showed up. i'm sure amc will be showing one of the godfathers within the hour though, so hope is here.

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Alex in NYC said...

"Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" is a cocaine reference, if I had to guess. But, y'know, I was never a fan of the boss, so fuck do I know?

You should have titled this post "Born To Run to The Hills".