Thursday, February 14

you're possibly a bit late

virtually every referral to this blog the past day and a half have been people searching for ways to pick up girls on valentine's day.

i have no advice to give you. it seems kind of unlikely! wait, like, about a week and then try then.


Ross said...

Yes but do you have anything to say to the confused young man wondering "Why [he]'s a Green Bay Packers fan"?

ally said...

no. only god can help that man now.

Hereward said...

My advice? It all depends on how far you want to carry them. Just a short hop? Reach your arms around their torso under their arms (and over their breasts - you're a gent, remember?) clasp hands roman style and just pick them up. This really only works with girls that are shorter than one, but that's mostly the case, I find. For the longer haul you can use the fireman's carry and for really petite girls, you can just carry them in your arms. I don't really know why guys like picking girls up so much, though, when sexing them is so much more pleasant.