Friday, February 29

and this is why i stopped reading jezebel

so subjective opinion about the worth of two terrible actresses is apparently enough to start calling sexism on the entire critical world. seriously, fuck you. save your feminist outrage for shit that actually makes sense and maybe people will take you seriously (if you're thinking i'm overreacting, you're right. this author already is on my "ugh" radar after--weirdly, considering her name--dismissing hispanics and, to a lesser extent, asians kinda wholesale in her vaguely pandering "which models of color are in which magazines this month?" round-up). i love my big gay critic friend who disliked this movie, and somehow i don't think that lack of scarjo titty is why he disliked the film. what with the not being into the ladyfriends thing and all.

i feel bad missing out a lot of moe's shit but seriously this kind of thing coupled with asinine "reality tv updates" from slut machine is enough to make me want to shoot my own face off.

speaking of grating faux-feminism and idiotic tv updates, where the hell is the subscription to cosmo my grandma claimed she got me for xmas?

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