Tuesday, February 19

rock 'n' roll evacuation

apparently, if the apocalypse (or a hurricane, which is basically the same thing) happened, these are the disaster houses us new yorkers would have to live in. or we could exercise our option to become feral survivalists, which seems pretty good too. one of them is a little frank lloyd wrighty, which seems alright, if a bit high falutin' for my tastes. there's also the bizarre dna-esque pod structure! a little gattica, and i imagine all transplants to that structure will be forced to wear the shiny silver american apparel leggings and hoodies. so, obviously, i'd like to sign up for that one.

if my only choice is the green military bunker complex, though, i will be moving to florida.

check out the honorable mentions, as well--one of them appears to be a swiss boxcar! can i just have that now? there's a vacant lot in billyburg i pass occasionally, i think i could park my boxcar there and not be bothered for at least a couple months.

UPDATE: i didn't even notice the honorable mention that appears to be made entirely out of legos! would that really withstand a hurricane? honestly, people. also: this one appears to involve forcing you to live with a giant eagle?

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