Friday, February 22

this week's sassiest boy in america!

he's so dreamy!

lapd chief william bratton is a sassy, sassy man! some l.a. lawmaking dude wants to make more anti-paparazzi laws, and bratton is like "oh no you din't!" about the whole thing and then was like what the world actually needs is for britney to stay the fuck home and stop making a horse's ass out of herself and pulling away valuable manpower from real crimes (LOL @ lapd) and then also he flat out calls her crazy! and then perez hilton, the most annoying man in the world, says, "[the drug-addled, mentally-disturbed idiots who i'm basically making blood money off of] live for the attention and you gotta deal with it."

which is like, no, you most certainly do not? why the hell is it the lapd's problem if britney gets her vagina posted up on the internets?

on a related note, i'd like it if they threw perez hilton in jail. i mean, i'm pretty sure he hasn't committed any real crimes but surely his hair is a hate crime of some sort.

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