Friday, February 1

how long did the boston globe have to search gis until it found such a smokin hot picture of eli manning?

i mean, honestly. my preference between the physical appearances of these two men is known far and wide, by everyone i've ever spoken to in my entire life practically, but still: i'm not going to make any claims of eli as some kind of suave, hot guy.


honestly, i'm mostly posting this because i think that photo of eli is totally hot.

UPDATE: i cannot even begin to think of a way to describe how gay i think tom brady is right now. how many haircuts per week does tom brady need from his hair slavebarber? also, say what you want about david beckham also being very obviously a flaming metrosexual and eroding the earth's resources with his fancy man behavior, i've never heard of him flying his barber clear across the country just to get a pre-game haircut.

eli looks like he hasn't had a haircut in, like, three months, just for comparison's sake. we're lucky if he bothers to shave before the super bowl, i think.

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Nicole said...

Tom Brady looks like a serial killer.