Wednesday, February 6

an update from our tattooed patriots fan friend

in a surprising move, victor thompson seems a little bummed about his helmet tattoos now. though it's not all tears and regret for the lowell, ma gentleman:

"After the game ended I started (partying) ... I woke up drunk. It was a good thing I had my helmet on,"

despite the whole thing being a total bummer over which everyone he knows is secretly laughing at him and perfect strangers will probably point at him in stunned amusement for years to come, thompson doesn't really regret the decision per se, stating that he has tentative plans to tattoo his entire head silver, to more resemble a helmet, and has started working on getting tom brady himself to come by and tattoo his signature on the "helmet" with a tattoo gun.

somehow the drunken discussion between thomas and me one night during the playoffs about his old-school 49ers helmet and my old-school giants helmet tattoo plans (like, on our arms, not our fucking foreheads) seems way, way less retarded now.

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