Monday, February 11

news you can use

meowrson welles says: my new thing is to find as many "all you can eat/drink" specials and try to take advantage of them all. i recommend you do so as well. yesterday found me at mudville 9, which features a special called the wing ding. for $28 per person ($22 if you're willing to drink horse pissbudweiser), you get unlimited pitchers of beer and unlimited wings for two hours. it was a good deal and an excellent time. the waitress/bartender (i'm not sure really, they seemed understaffed) was very friendly, and the bar...dude was also friendly, giving massages. eventually he got sick of bringing us new pitchers and brought us this:

in that blurry picture is a "beer tower," which is 100 oz of beer bong with a keg tap attached. we drained it and ran for a second one with 3 minutes left on our two hours of power--spectacular win on our part! such a joyful experience that people even burst into song. unfortunately, the snow prevented me from making good on the song's promise and actually playing baseball.

my new goal comes to me from the village voice, which highlighted hot pot city in flushing. apparently, this establishment includes a special: "$24.95 per person for unlimited cookables, including tax and tip, with the caveat that you must stop ordering after two hours, though you can keep boiling what you still have on hand [Ed. Note: FONDUE: WAY MORE FUN THAN ANY OTHER KIND OF FOOD BTW FYI]. for an additional $3, hot pot city throws in unlimited dim sum and all the beer you can drink."

i say, i plan to make this trip very soon indeed because if there is one thing i like more than buffalo chicken wings, it is delicious asian foods. all are welcome! hopefully we can get as large and crazy a crowd as we did at mudville 9.

my new years' resolution for 2008: i will continue to scour the city listings and the blogs to bring you the best in all-you-can-eat/drink gluttony!


Hereward said...

Fcuk! Now I really want hot pot and dim sum. Grrrrr.

tehresa said...

i would like to propose a trip to japas 38. again, 2 hours, but you get appetizers, booze, and KARAOOOKEEE!!!!