Monday, February 4

red hoody anger man

a final thought*: i didn't realize last night that belichick left the field before the game even officially ended, that he didn't do what you're supposed to do and congratulate the other team, the other coach. he didn't even wait for his own players. maybe i was too busy hugging ross and josh, or maybe i was distracted by jack's repeated "that's right! we fucked the pats in the eyes!" shouting. or maybe i was just way too drunk (this is very likely, given how i feel today). i'm glad i missed it though, because it would've infuriated me. has there ever been a person in sports who has been more of a poor sport, a complete dickhead, as belichick?

i'm ashamed that two of his super bowl rings come as a former coach of the new york giants. boston can have him. though i'm not sure that even a city i dislike as much as boston deserves a person this terrible.

* this is a blatant lie, btw.


Hereward said...

I could have sworn Belichick went up to Coughlin, gave him a handshake and a hug and then took off, though before the they cleared the field and let Manning take the final snap.

ally said...

i hope you are right! the post is based entirely on what i've read online from espn and papers.

mookieproof said...

yeah, he did congratulate coughlin after brady's fourth-down heave