Wednesday, February 27

overheard in ny. by me. because i was involved in the conversation.

this gawker post reminded me of a conversation i had this weekend. walking down 38th st, where two different establishments called "spandex world" reside. names redacted to protect the innocent, especially me.

boy: do you see that ad in the spandex place? "fran drescher and friend arrive at spandex world."
girl: huh. i thought that girl looked more like julia allison.
boy: if julia allison was half as hot as fran drescher, she'd be an interesting person!

honestly, though, i mean, is it just me? does she not look like some poor man's fran?

(and this is the last and only time i will post about my talentless hack of a coworker)

{UPDATE: ooooooooooor not. a coworker saw this and just im'ed me asking why i have to insult julia's looks. looking like fran drescher is a goddamned compliment, people! her "writing" makes me look like nabokov, on the other hand. fran also probably wouldn't be deathly offended by her neighbors having sex.)


JW said...

No mention of this?

rgin said...

i would rather bang fran