Monday, February 11

"sometimes there are broken IS a bar."

No strollers!, originally uploaded by smartpatrol.

so this story is kind of old (hence it's inclusion in the ny times styles section!) but what the hell is wrong with people? i get upset by this kind of thing. i know so many good parents who wouldn't think to behave this way. what is going on here?

1. you do not have a right to take your child everywhere and anywhere you please. a private business has a right to request that you do not bring whatever they feel like banning. you're not allowed to park your bicycle inside the bar, for example.
2. note that union hall is not banning children (who are bizarrely not banned from bars in nys law). they are banning strollers inside. you can still bring your darling munchkin in with you so you can breastfeed and drink your martini at the same time, just like christen clifford did.*
3. there are 73 trillion other establishments in park slope that will allow you to mow down everyone's feet with your stupid, expensive, ostentatious, oversized stroller. go to one of those places.

i think i hate every single person quoted in that article. i couldn't imagine bringing my baby to happy hour at a bar. not because of some kind of "babies don't belong in such places" moral objection, but because, i don't know, i have some vague sense of sympathy for everyone else in the world? it's one thing if it's 2pm during a weekday and isn't crowded, but this isn't what we're talking about here at all.

the argument is that these are all young parents, thus "hipper" (lol park slope), and, well, somehow that means they are entitled by god to go into bars and rock concerts and movies and whatever the hell they feel like while toting a six-month old. but being young, don't they remember how annoying this shit was before they popped out their spawn? how irritating it is when some moron has brought crying rugrats into a pub at 8 or 9pm? how much you want to stab the person who brought a kid into a decidedly not g-rated film and then let it chatter and cry and scream?

i'm just curious what the hell it is about having a baby that makes people think they've achieved some pinnacle and are now entitled to whatever they feel like. stray cats can pop out kids too.

fwiw, i'm not sure my parents even let me leave the house until i was like 5.

* btw fyi princess, you can totally do this at home for significantly less money and without being judged by every other person in the bar for the fact that you are downing a very strong hard liquor treat while your baby is chomping on your nipple. seriously what the hell? am i wrong that this one is weirding me out a lot?


Hereward said...

Pam's dad took us to dinner at a swank restaurant last night and there was some couple there with their terrifically unhappy year-old bawling the entire time and I thought P's dad was going to go over and garrotte the thing at one point.

ally said...

that really maddens me. i feel terrible saying like this because i know so many parents who wouldn't think to do something this impossibly rude, but it just seems like they're being drowned out by the vocal minority who gives everyone a bad name.

i mean, honestly, you can shell out for a nice restaurant but not for a baby sitter? the kid doesn't care! he'd be happier at home, watching blue's clues.