Wednesday, February 27

and, really, rats are kind of cute anyway

the problem with this story, which is being blogged everywhere on the internets right now (so why shouldn't i join in?), is that i don't actually believe that jennifer 8. lee ever lived in dc for "a couple of years" earlier this decade if she isn't pointing out that the dc metro is full of rats too.

for the record, the biggest rat i ever saw in my entire life was not in a train station at all. it was late night in adam's morgan, i'm thinking mid-fall 2005. i kissed a former friend of mine for photographic purposes and then she ran around chasing some guys with a jumbo slice and then an astoundingly fat rat ran out of the jumbo slice place (dc readers: pizza boli's).

my favorite rat story did occur in the essex/delancey subway station in nyc though. right before i moved, so this would make it early spring, 2005. two tweeny girls were standing, staring at the tracks, pointing, and literally screaming hysterically at some poor little rat. it looked pretty young, it was very small, but it didn't seem particularly phased by being pointed at and screamed at. i have wondered ever since why those girls didn't just look away.

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