Sunday, February 24


yancey, originally uploaded by allyzay.

we went to go see be kind rewind tonight (highly recommended but then again you'd expect that from me) at the chelsea clearview. normally, we would not be in chelsea, but we had a macy's giftcard from christmas and alex needed a new robe and new shoes, so we went and then wandered south and randomly decided to take in a film.

afterwards, we were standing outside smoking, deciding what to do next, and i feel a hand on my shoulder. i turn around and it's yancey, who i haven't seen in--literally--years. the last time i saw him, i was in my marianne faithful phase, so considering i'm now sporting black hair, no glasses, and three or four years older, i'm amazed he recognized me. perhaps it was the parliaments?

as it turns out, we had been in the same film showing as yancey and his ladyfriend and buddies. yancey lives in brooklyn as well, and it's still kind of wowing me that somehow we all found ourselves at the same showing of the same movie in the same shitty theatre in a part of town i wouldn't normally go to.

we then went to a gay bar where, i realized upon entering, i once attended a motherfucker, and everyone played pool and had a good time until we had to leave to attend a house party. it's good to finally reconnect with yancey. we tried at the boredoms thing over last summer and epic failed so, hey, coincidences are basically better than planning when you're me i guess.

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