Wednesday, February 6

part 2 of "i blog an old photo and tell you something about it"

katie, originally uploaded by allyzay.

this photo hasn't been retouched. at all. not for color or sharpness or any damn thing about it. i uploaded it directly from my camera--while drunk, and still on vacation (me, not the camera, the soberness of which i can never be sure of)--to the internet, while gchatting several people. i'm saying this now because i have gotten really f'ing tired of getting occasional flickr questions as to what photoshop techniques i used on this picture.

those techniques, as they are on every photo i have, were called not purchasing photoshop and just going with things. flickr and basically the world in general would be 100% better off if this was done by everyone. i'll use iPhoto to lighten or darken a picture a little. one time, i made a picture that was color b&w instead.

there you go. stop asking me.

(as a total editorial aside, jw, will you look at the code of this template i'm using and tell me how to adjust it so that the portion where the posts are is bigger without making everything on the page fucked up? when i do it the page goes all manner of whoa so i don't want to adjust it but it needs to be bigger on the right side--i'm not adjusting the padding on one of the rails properly? HALP!)


rgin said...

genius will always attract stupidity.

JW said...

sooooo hungover