Monday, February 4

sooooo....i have actual intellgent things to say.

but perhaps not now. allow me to say, the giants won fair and square. there were no official schanagans. they out played the pats...which is amazing. they played amazingly, like a team on a mission. i'll have more to say, another day, but i need to say now, this thing: this was the defining moment of a generation of sports fans. the day perfection was not enough. the day trying and determination...WAS enough! who would've thought this? i have a lot to say...soberly. but that's enough of a thought teaser.

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Hereward said...

You know, I don't even bother to watch American Football anymore and that was such a compelling game that I actually forewent going out to smoke, etc., on several occasions. There were a couple of people at the party I went to who thought it was boring and I told them they reminded me of the people who think soccer is boring 'cause it's low scoring; if you know the stakes of the game and have any idea what each side is trying to do, you won't find such games boring at all. The Giants last night reminded me of the Greek national team that won the Euro 2004; not as much talent as other teams, not as much offensive flair but they were unflappable and dogged. How many times did they sack/drop Brady? How many times did they turn the ball over but still prevent the Pats from scoring?