Tuesday, February 12

what is this, the "there's something on your shoe" test?

so having a problem with a fluff piece is kind of stupid but i find myself having a problem with this fluff piece. specifically, this section:

CRIME: Burly men drinking girly drinks
Gender equality should not pertain to drinking. If the beverage is pink, your underwear should be too.

am i the only person thinking that if i have to witness someone -- anyone -- drinking some monstrous girly concoction like a cosmo or an "appletini" or a "chocotini," or whatever, i'd rather it be a big, burly dude being ridiculous and goofy? you know, as opposed to the aggressively generic paris hilton/julia allison types normally spotted drinking these abominations upon liquor? would it be "better" for him to drink some awful fratty thing like rb&v or miller lite?

not only that, but there are quite a few good, classic cocktails that could be mistaken for a "girly drink" due to being served in a martini glass or being garnished with something.

i don't know why this is getting my goat so much, but seriously, if a construction worker wants to drink a fucking appletini, i am all for it. more yuengling for me.

UPDATE: it's getting my goat because i'm an alcoholic, probably? i mean probably not but for all intents and purposes...don't look at me like that!


Hereward said...

Real men drink whatever the fuck they want.

ally said...

exactly my point. unless they wanna argue it's a party foul for a lady to drink a "guy's drink," this makes no sense.