Tuesday, February 12


what are huckabee and tyra singing? the person whose entry is the funniest will win a FREE kiss on the cheek and a beer.

suggestions already on the table:
"hold on" by wilson phillips
"in the air tonight" by phil collins
"kashmir" by led zepplin
"runnin' with the devil" by van halen
"cats playing baseball" by pete, zack, brian and alex
"highway to hell" by ac/dc

UPDATE: i've kind of decided that there is a third, unseen person, and that person is craig finn, and tyra and mike are performing "chill-out tent", but i'm still open to other suggestions and, of course, the contest is still going until this friday.


mookieproof said...

gg allin 'i kill everything i fuck'

rgin said...

give it to me baby, rick james

Ross said...

Date to Church, Replacements + Tom Waits