Wednesday, March 26

where in the world is marguerita squerie?

one a month, a queens man reposts two ads on craigslist missed connections, both referencing a marguerita squerie. apparently, she lived in forest hills in the mid '70s and hung out with a karen wolf and a mara mellin. the man searching for her is named bill, a friend of her brother victor. they must've had a falling out, since he's not just asking victor to get him in contact with marguerita (or perhaps something more tragic occurred? victor squerie yields no google results either). bill thought she was beautiful, and apparently 30 years later is looking all over for her.

who is this person? google is unhelpful. every month, i see her name again. will bill ever find her? what happened that he doesn't see any of these people anymore? did they get out? did they die? so many questions.

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