Thursday, March 27

another entry in the dictionary of what the fuckery

1) people, adult people, talk to their parents for advice on how to deal with an ex? are other people's parents different from mine, in which this would be a useful, self-esteem building endeavor?
2) you're asking a woman who has made every single fucking column in our magazine for the past two-months-plus about her ex, how to get over an ex? i mean, i guess she would know the answer to the weird stalkery questions on that one sheet.
3) you're asking a woman who obviously sent an e-mail her mother wrote about said ex to a website "anonymously" how to get off your parents' jock on this issue?
4) you didn't fire her, and the entire staff of the seek section, for the "ex sex" advice down bottom, guys?

well played, tony. the editors have now entered a dimension i never thought existed, and that i bear no relation to. i think that dimension looks like this:

and i think it is scary, being an urbane tomboy or whatever the fuck.

also why is charlotte dressed like m.i.a.??

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