Tuesday, March 11

so can i get a refund?

as much as i think this is a terrific idea, and as much as i've argued this topic, vehemently, everywhere, to everyone who will listen...it still pisses me off that that threshold raising is just enough that i would not be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt right now had these universities had more reasonable standards ages ago.

i'm not going to get into the argument about how, despite raising your threshold, the fafsa standard still includes no standard of living adjustments and yet still contains the unreasonableness of counting people as "minors" for financial aid purposes until they are twenty-five years old (are we renting cars? why can a person join the army but not rent a car, btw? until the advent of zipcar, i suppose. anyone can get one of those. i'm digressing) no matter what their status on their parents' tax returns, but baby-steps are better than nothing. maybe if the schools take the initiative the government will follow?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah i know i kid, i kid.

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