Wednesday, March 12

rocky had his go get'em tune

so i got an e-mail from a coworker looking for all of us in our group to send a single "inner Get Pumped song" to contribute to a mix cd. it is a fun idea and i'll get to see what kind of tastes in music my coworkers have so i can judge them silently if any of them like modest mouse for example, and it will involve some kind of booze outing which is always a+. so why am i spending a lot of time thinking up horribly inappropriate things which i could contribute? am i a really awful person? i mean, yes, probably, yes. here's what i've come up with so far:

tim curry's halloween song from the made-for-television motion picture the worst witch
"here comes a regular" by the replacements
"pussy control" by prince
"laywers, guns and money" by warren zevon

then i had to go to a meeting and stopped thinking of songs so suggest your own in the comments.

when the meeting ended, i got this message which i'd like to share with everyone:


UPDATE: "big poppa"?



Hereward said...

Ha ha ha!

Ross said...

"Jailbait" - Alex Chilton

Ross said...

Or, you know, pretty much anything by Wagner.