Friday, March 28

oh, heavens to betsy, what fresh hell is this and why am i only just learning of it now?

so, oliver stone is making another biopic? about president george w. bush, who will be played by josh brolin? based off a script cowritten by stone and stanley weiser? i am not really sure what to think about this, but i hope it very much resembles alexander, a.k.a. the worst yet most fascinating movie i've ever seen. and i mean that literally. i want there to be a scene in which george w., atop a horse, battles al gore, who is riding an elephant (IRONIC TWIST THERE WITH THE ANIMALS, HUH! NOTHING GETS PAST MY IMAGINARY OLLIE STONE!). and everyone should have incomprehensible, completely inaccurate-by-any-standard-you-wish-to-use accents.

seriously, what the hell is this? he wants to have it turned around before the president leaves office in january! with that kind of time spent on it, i'm sure it'll be amazing.

honestly, i'm never sure if i should call for this man to be stopped, or if i would like very much to honor him with a national holiday.

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