Friday, March 28

the friday chat republishing hour, this week featuring pirates

that seems remarkably cheap
me: we should get it and all live in it
if we all chip in it seems doable
Ross: yes
me: we could BOAT to work
Ross: Oh man
no more metrocards
me: tho theoretically i guess we could just park it on the west side and not really have to move at all
Ross: true
we could start going to nautically themed bars
me: we could BE a nautically themed bar!
Ross: yes
me: oh man
this is a great idea
Ross: anything boat-related is usually a pretty good idea
me: have we ever discussed the possibility of piratery before? i think it seems like we must've, but yet...i don't think we have
Ross: I don't think anyone wanted to get their hopes up
me: we could pirate for cats, to fill our kitty wherehouse
Ross: we are just going to steal their cats and clean out their liquor cabinets
me: i misread that as meaning that cats have liquor cabinets which was like whoa
Ross: but if cats did have liquor cabinets they would be locked all the time
me: are you saying cats are miserly?

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